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Cà De Bè

Historical Osteria Enoteca overlooking the balcony of Romagna from which you can enjoy a fantastic panorama, traditional dishes and local wines.

Apertura: Venerdì 18:00 / 24:00 - Sabato e domenica 12:00 – 23:00
Piazza della Libertà, 10
+39 0543.444435 /+39 342.3511496 | info@cadebe.it | www.cadebe.it

Da Nonna Rina

Nonna Rina offers handmade pasta, tasty battilarda, roasts, vegetables, piadine, crescioni, piadizze, rolls, mixed desserts and local wines.

Sempre aperto
piazza Guido del Duca, 13/14 | +39 0543.444181 | francesconi.morena@hotmail.it

Enoteca Bistrot Colonna

Simple cuisine made up of historical dishes linked to tradition, slightly revisited with particular attention to the territoriality and seasonality of the products.

Chiuso il martedì
via Mainardi, 10 | +39 0543 444333 | info@enotecacolonna.it | www.enotecacolonna.it

Il Trebbo

Typical Romagna cuisine

Chiuso il lunedì
via Polenta, 292 | +39 0543.444002 | ristorantevecchiotrebbo@gmail.com | www.ristorantealvecchiotrebbo.net

La Favola dell'Orto

A project about the earth, about flavours, about goodness. A return to genuineness and simple things.

Doughs with special flours, organic ingredients at km0, the breathtaking view of the historic centre of Bertinoro.

Tel. 347 1434639 | Via delle Mura 19 | alessandro.fumello@gmail.com

La Grotta

Restaurant offering genuine specialities such as homemade pasta, fresh fish, grilled meat or pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven.

Closed on Mondays
via Roma, 37 | tel.+39 0543.444582 | www.lagrottabertinoro.it

La Locanda Della Fortuna

A place where you can feel at home, the Locanda's cuisine offers traditional dishes of Romagna prepared with passion, respecting nature and the seasons.

Opened Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. Closed Mondays.
tel.+39 392 938 6164 | via Frangipane,1 | ancaegiusse@gmail.com

Osteria Della Serafina

Typical Romagna cuisine.

Closed Wednesdays

via Roma, 29 | tel.+39 0543.445080 | osteriadellaserafina@gmail.com | www.osteriadellaserafina.it

Trattoria del Punto

Denis and Chiara await you with their territorial cuisine in a beautiful modern and comfortable location, where you can find a large selection of local wines and homemade pasta.

Opened for lunch and dinner, closed on Wednesdays.
v. Mazzini 76 | tel.0543 567288


In the setting of the Bertinoro hills, the Luis Restaurant has been offering for years its the pleasure of true Romagna cuisine to its costumers.

Closed Tuesdays
via Collinello Centro, 541 (loc. Collinello) | tel.+39 0543.445120 | ristorante.luis@gmail.com

Casa Molinari Farmhouse

Small restaurant open Thursday to Sunday from 7.30 p.m. and selling fruit and vegetables.

Via San Pietro Grande, 164, Santa Maria Nuova | tel. 349 2533104

Agriturismo al Colle

Starting point for discovering a fantastic land like Romagna between a tasting of Sangiovese and an excellent candlelight dinner

Open Wednesday to Sunday evening. Sundays and holidays also open for lunch.
via Monticino,1435 (loc. Capocolle) | tel.+39 0543.448868 | info@agriturismoalcolle.com | www.agriturismoalcolle.com

Agriturismo Le Lucciole

A place from dream immersed in green.
Possibility of lunches and dinners with biological products of own production. By reservation only.

via Gualdo 910 - località Collinello | tel.327 5792437 | info@agriturismolelucciole.it | www.agriturismolelucciole.it


Historical bar in the old "piazzetta"

tel.+39 0543.445571 | Piazza Guido del Duca, 20


A restaurant that skilfully reinterprets the great classics of local tradition combined with international influences, combining land and sea products and a wine list with more than 350 labels. An elegant environment in which the original old structure blends with art and design.

Piazza della Libertà 8a | tel.388 9825236 | info@brinto.it | www.brinto.it


Brunori is a project about passion for the land and love for cooking. In the heart Romagna, a place where the time stops. Sea and land cuisine, private events, wedding locations, winery and vineyards. .

via Tombetta, 2541
+39 340 898 3669 (Sara); +39 3497949708 (Francesco) | info@brunoribertinoro.com | brunoribertinoro.com

Ca' nostra

You can enjoy traditional dishes from Romagna as well as more modern ones. From breakfast to lunch, proposals made with genuine, local and mainly Km0 products. Takeaway, home delivery service and sale of typical local products are provided.

Open Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.
via Consolare 2563 | tel.339 464 3680 | info@canostrapanighina.it | www.canostrapanighina.it

Casina Pontormo

Agriturismo in the hills of Bertinoro, offering a unique setting and a truly particular atmosphere.

Closed Mondays

Via Cappuccini | tel.+39 0543.445699 | tel.+39 328.9389550 | info@casinapontormo.it

Chorus Art Caffè

In the heart of the old town centre of Bertinoro, an intimate and cosy place where you can enjoy a coffee, an aperitif, or a glass of wine.

Closed Mondays
via Roma, 2 | tel.+39 331.1356654


Romagna cuisine.

Closed Saturday evening and Sunday

via Emilia, 218 | tel.+39 0543.449066

Fattoria La Quercia

Surrounded by greenery at the foot of Bertinoro, the restaurant serves typical Romagna dishes, which are all of own production.

Always Open
via Cantalupo, 1431 | tel.+39 0543.445870 | tel.+39 348.0812323 (Silvia) | laquerciaristorante@gmail.com | www.fattorialaquercia.it

Fattoria Paradiso

The "Pieces" of Fattoria Paradiso have built it up there, at the top of the slope known as the Barbarossa where landscape and nostalgia still give echoes of the voices and calls of the ancient people of the fields; embraced by the harmonious sweep of the hills towards the great plain, caressed by the breath of the sea.

They called it "Locanda Gradisca", a name that evokes a romantic page from the film "Amarcord" to remember the great Federico Fellini, master, friend, admirer.

via Palmeggiana, 285 | tel.+39 0543.445044 | info@fattoriaparadiso.com | www.fattoriaparadiso.com

Gelateria Km 7

Home-made ice-cream parlour a few steps from the historic centre.

Always open
Largo Cairoli 9 - Bertinoro | tel.0543 037502

L'Officina della Piada

Opening hours: from 4.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. every day

Closed on Tuesdays

Via Ceredi, 31 | tel. 334 113 5861 | lofficinadellapiada@gmail.com

La Boutique Della Piadina

Piadina and crescioni according to the best Romagna tradition and many qualities of flour for all tastes! V Vegan and vegetarian menu with kamut, barley and Senatore Cappelli wheat flour.

Closed Tuesdays.
Viale Carducci, 28 Bertinoro | +39 370 368 6220

La Casa della Piadina

At La Casa della Piadina, Marina and Roberto await you every day with their piadina and other traditional Romagna specialities, with Kamut, spelt and hemp.

Closed Mondays

Largo Cairoli, 5/a Bertinoro | tel.+39 340.7914950

La Svineria

Hospitality 'made in Romagna' in a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. La Svineria brings the colours, sensations and atmospheres of the territory in a contemporary key. The timeless boards of cured meats and cheeses, croutons of good mountain bread, seasonal vegetables and the best local meat meet in an alchemy of unusual combinations, in search of new balances and combinations. La Svineria is also famous for its drinks: you can taste the wines that have made Bertinoro famous, but also a careful selection of sparkling wines and beers, strictly Italian.

Closed Tuesdays
Piazza Guido del Duca 8/9 | tel.366 8950398 | info@lasvineria.it | www.lasvineria.it

Lucy's Piadina

Winter hours: 16:15/20:30
Summer hours: 17:00/21
Via Santa Croce, 4072, Bertinoro | tel. 0543 441177

Loggia dei Britti

Restaurant with large outdoor area and panoramic view in the old town centre of Bertinoro.

Open for dinner only. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
Via dei Novelli 12a | tel.340 583 0107 | nunzioprotopapa@yahoo.it | www.loggiadeibritti.it

Locanda Gradisca

Strongly desired by the Pezzi family, owners of the Paradiso farm, the Locanda Gradisca is located among long rows of vines and the lush greenery typical of our Romagna hills. A place suitable to spend pleasant moments, but also intimate and romantic evenings in the company of a good glass of wine and an excellent typical cuisine. In its park there is a very nice pool, while the rooms in the adjacent annexe are the perfect setting for an ancient and romantic atmosphere.

Via Palazzi 630 | tel.0543 445044 | agriturismo@fattoriaparadiso.com


Typical trattoria where you can taste the typical dishes of Romagna and where you can stay in total relaxation amidst the green Bertino hills.

Closed on Mondays
Via Consolare, 1699 (Bertinoro) | tel.+39 0543.448471 | tel.+39 335.6190112 | info@trattoriamingarenalbergo.it | www.trattoriamingarenalbergo.it

Piadineria da Anthony

Traditional Romagna piadina in Panighina.

Closed on Saturdays
via Consolare, 2532 Bertinoro | tel.+39 366.3266912

Piadina del Mont Spachè

Traditional piadina romagnola in the locality of Capocolle.

Closed on Sundays and Mondays.
via Molino Bratti, 9 Bertinoro | tel.+39 348.7440697 | tel.+39 347.3407176


Traditional piadina from Romagna.

Closed Wednesdays
viale Carducci, 9/d Bertinoro | tel.+39 334.8592782 | pedrosimo93@gmail.com

Planet Burger

Tasty sandwiches made with top quality meat and genuine local ingredients.

Bertinoro, Piazza G. Garibaldi 20 | tel.+39 351 842 2509 | www.facebook.com/Planetburgerbertinoro

Osteria Macio e pepe

The combination of warm hospitality, passion for food, cheerful innovation and attention to detail.

via Cerbiano, 824 | tel.+39 0543.445153

Piadineria delle Terme

Traditional Romagna piadina, just a few steps away from the Spa Centre and Spa Park.

Closed on Mondays
via G. Deledda, 60 (Fratta Terme) | tel.+39 339.4333731

Tenute Unite

On the beautiful terrace, you can admire the sunsets over the wonderful hills of Bertinoro, savouring the tasty seasonal products of the family farm and sipping the good house wine.

via Polenta, 823 Bertinoro | tel.+39 0543.444217 | tel.+39 347.8223772 | tenuteunite@alice.it

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