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Agrestia farm

This farm has a certified organic food laboratory that processes the products cultivated there. Traditional and primitive flavors are combined with innovative cultivations. It also includes a shop, three rooms for overnight stays and a room for events and tastings.

Via Fucaccia, 80, 47032 Bertinoro FC | tel.348 5920166 | |

Fabri Guarini Farm

The Guarini family, already present in Romagna since the 13th century, moved their winemaking activity from Forlì’s estates to the gentle hills of Bertinoro, which are particularly suitable for viticulture. In the 1950s, Count Cosimo Fabri Guarini gave new life to the Villa Norina winery. Even today, his sons pursue the ancient family tradition by dedicating constant attention to every stage of production, from the cultivating the vineyards to the harvesting of the grapes, which are vinified with passion and expertise.

Via Consolare, 305, Bertinoro
tel.0543 445190 | |

Organic farm Nardini Loretta

An organic farm extending three hectares of land, already cultivated with olive trees and vineyards, located on the first hills of Bertinoro. It produces an extra-virgin olive oil with a medium-light fruity blend, with distinct hints of artichoke and almond. A completely organic product, cold-pressed from olives of the Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino varieties.

Via Cellaimo Vecchia 831 | tel.0543 445673 | |


In the heart of Romagna lies Babbi, a world of sweetness and deliciousness with two different lines of production: semi-finished products for ice-cream and wafer and chocolate confectionery specialities, such as Viennese. Babbi's secret lies in the quality of the raw materials, the artisan recipes and the passion that inspired the company since 1952.

Via Caduti di v. Fani, 80 (Panighina) | tel.+39 0543.448598 | |


The Budellacci farm produces traditional Romagna wines and homemade cakes and jams.

Via Palmeggiana 516 Bertinoro | tel.+39 0543.445419 | tel.+39 333.2633099 |


Wines and typical products.

Via Nuova, 4237 | +39 348.0067531 |

Pambianco Winery, Podere la Rocca

In the winery Roberta follows the tradition over four generations , transferring her passion and expertise in the production of oil and wine. At the farm you can buy Romagna red wines and Albana, typical of the hills of Bertinoro, and you can also taste them in a panoramic room.

Via Bidignano, 76 | tel.+39 347.9407539 |

Caseificio Mambelli

The history of Caseificio Mambelli (Mambelli’s Dairy) is a family history of three generations of cheesemakers, who dedicated themselves to the art of cheese-making with passion and skill. Today, after more than thirty years, the Caseificio Mambelli produces a wide range of high quality cheeses like Squacquerone di Romagna DOP.

Via Ceredi, 1402 (S. Maria Nuova)
tel.+39 0543.440936 | |


The 75-hectare estate and its team of oenologists, agronomists and cellars work to guarantee high-quality of the raw material. The very low fatigue of the grapes and the gravity vinification complete the excellence with which the grapes are treated at Campodelsole.

Via Cellaimo, 850 | tel.+39 0543.444562 | |


Founded in 1960, the farm is at the foot of the Bertinoro hills. The 16 hectares of vineyards are cultivated with modern criteria that reduce the production of grapes per vine. The company produces all DOC and DOCG wines of the area.

Via Trò Meldola, 1541 (Fratta Terme)
tel.+39 0543.460658 | |

Coop. Sociale “Insieme per Crescere” (Together to Grow)

Fornino-Valmori Onlus Foundation. Wine, extra virgin olive oil, Fossa cheese, traditional jams, cured meats, chestnuts, seasonal fruit and vegetables, this is the sampling of products that can be tasted and even purchased. An adjoining room also hosts the "Mercatino del Heart", with the display and sale of objects and ceramics.

Via Meldola, 2845 (Forlimpopoli)
tel.+39 0543.1908012 | |


Since 1965, a constant focus on the quality and uniqueness of the wines produced here have guided the company's philosophy. The Celli winery is an example of generational continuity in the winemaking tradition of Bertinoro.

Viale Carducci, 5 | tel.+39 0543.445183 | |

Paradiso Farm

Historical winery and agritourism since 1853 owned by the Pezzi family. Very first winery producing a Sangiovese Riserva, the "Vigna delle Lepri", it traces back to the rediscovery of indigenous grape varieties such as Pagadebit and "Barbarossa", an exclusive and flagship estate. As a result, the winery produces wines such as Albana dry, sweet, passito; blends such as Mito (cabernet, merlot, syrah) and Strabismo di Venere. A production of 300,000 bottles per year and internationally renowned cru wines are presented with packaging designed by great artists including Nobel Prize winner Dario Fò.

Via Palmeggiana, 285
tel.+39 0543.445044 | +39 0543.444224 | |

Tenute Unite Oil Mill

Farm with wine cellar and oil mill, direct sale of its products and restaurant located in the hills of Bertinoro.

Via Polenta, 823 loc. Polenta
tel.+39 0543.444217 | +39 347.8223772 | |

Fattoria Cà Rossa

You can find the history of the family in every sip of wine, bound together by the love for wine growing and for their land.

Via Cellaimo, 735 | tel. +39 0543.445130 | |

Osta! by Mambelli

New food concept of Caseificio Mambelli offering both the whole range of Mambelli products, as well as a selection of local excellences (wine, oil, jams and much more).

Santa Maria Nuova, via Ceredi 1402
tel.0543 440936 | |

La Via Del Colle

La via del colle is a family-run farm that stands out for the production of honey, jams, wine and truffles. All stages of production are personally supervised by the members of the family that contribute, with commitment and passion, to the promotion of their territory with the utmost attention to quality.

Via Collinello, 1501 (Bertinoro)
tel.+39 0543.445283 | |

Giovanna Madonia

The Care, Passion and Dedication that Giovanna dedicates to her work in the vineyard and cellar are the secret of the excellence of her Precious Wines, which have been awarded, among others, the 3 Glasses of Gambero Rosso and by the Excellence of the Espresso Guide. The company's characteristic and distinctive features are the original labels designed by Altan.

Via Cappuccini, 130 (Bertinoro)
tel.+39 0543.444361 | |

Podere Baratta of Satta Girolamo

The farm stands on the Monte della Baratta hill, near the 'Cypresso di Francesca' sung by Carducci. The hill overlooks the sea like a terrace, favouring an excellent microclimate for viticulture. The company has been committed for years to the production of wines respecting the winemaking tradition with the aid of modern technologies.,

Via Collinello, 1075 (loc. Collinello)
+39 0543.444174 | +39 347.1497203 | |

Paolo Ricci

Production and sale of typical wines, extra virgin olive oil and honey

Piazza Garibaldi, 17/19 (Bertinoro)
tel.+39 0543.444163 |

Carlo Fantini Farm

The Carlo Fantini farm is located in the Rio Ausa valley. Farmers for generations, they cultivate vines and oil in this valley nestled between medieval villages and centuries-old thermal baths because the food produced in the fields is linked to the culture and identity of the area. Extra virgin olive oil and typical wines constitute the production of this farm.

Via Ausa, 2182
tel.+39 0543.445392 | tel.+39 347.0135107 | |


The high quality of the wines produced by this typically family-run company testifies to the passion that animates their work. The company is open every day, Sunday morning included. It is equipped for tourist accommodation (tables and chairs for about 150 people) and a room for wine tastings accompanied by piadina, cold meats and typical local cheeses

Via Colitto, 171 (Fratta Terme)
tel.+39 0543.460981 | |

Bertozzi Agricultural Company

A farm with different breeds of cattle including the Romagnola - which has IGP title - using fresh fodder and home-grown cereals. Possibility to buy various types of meat and cured meats and to visit the farm.

Via Santa Croce, 2774 (Santa Maria Nuova)
tel.+39 0543.440933 | |

Monti Agricultural Society

In Polenta, the Monti family produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the hills of Romagna. They personally and professionally takes care of ALL the stages of production: the care of the olive trees, the harvest, the milling (carried out at their mill), bottling and labelling.

Via Polenta, 380 (Polenta di Dante)
tel.+39 349.7789604 | |

La Viola estate

Wine is for them a tradition and a passion inextricably linked to the land of Romagna. Walking through the vineyards of this estate, you will breathe in a timeless atmosphere, where you can understand the profound devotion of a family to their land.

Via Colombarone, 888 (Bertinoro)
+39 0543.445496 | +39 392.7129022 | |

Tenuta Pedrini

Situated in the foothills of Bertinoro, the family-run farm has been certified organic since 1994. It is possible to visit the wine cellar and have tastings of wine, oil, cured meats or other seasonal products.
The winery is open every day from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 16:00 to 18:30. Sunday on request.

Via Gualdo 910 - località Collinello
tel. 0543 444184 |

Villa Trentola Estate

A small, modern winery, the estate stretches over 20 hectares of vineyards that produce the grapes from which Sangiovese wines are made.

Via Molino Bratti, 1305
tel.+39 0543.741389 | |

Tenuta del Gelso (Mulberry estate)

Along the ancient Via dei Sodi di Bracciano, which marks the side of Monte Maggio towards Capocolle, stands Casa del Gelso. The estate's viticulture focuses on Sangiovese and Albana grapes of excellent quality, harvested by hand according to tradition.

Via Sodi di Bracciano, 821
tel. 391 359 5559 | |

Bissoni Wines

Bissoni is a family winery that was born out of the desire to make great wines from indigenous vines grapes while respecting nature and the environment.

Via Colecchio, 280 (loc. Casticciano)
tel.+39 0543.460382 | |

Zaccarini Wines

A small family-run winery with cellar and vineyards located at the foot of the Fortress of Bertinoro; they produce, in three hectares of vineyards, grapes typical of the area for structured and powerful wines, prone to ageing and with the temperament of a marked typicality.

Via Cagnano, 391 (Bertinoro)
tel.+39 329.5463721 | |

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